The Grand National: Good marketing can have your business winning the race

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Umbrella Marketing Team
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With the Grand National this weekend, offices around the country have sorted their sweepstakes and the bookies have taken their bets. Around 500 million people will sit down to watch the race, which is broadcast in over 140 countries.Bear with us here, but horse racing is not all that dissimilar to marketing.If you were to enter a horse, you’d want the best trainers, right? You want experts who’ve got the experience and know how to get you to the finish line. The same applies to your business. You want a marketing team who will get you the best results. They need experience, creativity, and an understanding of your brand. Your business needs a variety of skills to get the best out of marketing. If your trainer can make your horse the fastest on the course, but can’t train him to jump, what’s the use? You need experts in a variety of fields, from graphic design to social media management.Think of race day as the day you put your marketing strategy into action. You’ve given your horse the best trainer you could find, and they’ve got an exact plan of how he’s going to win. Is he going to lead from the start, or stay with the pack and come out at the last moment to steal the title? Your trainer knows how best to win, and your horse is ready. Whether it’s a single social media post or the launch of a complex campaign, this is the time for your business to shine. The Grand National is a long race, so your horse needs the staying power to go the distance. A good marketing team will think about how your business promotion can work in the long term.There are 16 jumps in The Grand National, and you can expect to meet some hurdles along the way with your business. For your website to have the best chance of bringing in high volumes of visits, you’ll want to nail your use of SEO. Google changes its search algorithms around 500 times per year. While these changes are mostly minor, you’ll want to make sure you can smoothly jump over these changes. Maybe you want to expand your client base, but you’re not sure how to bring in new customers? Or do you want to use social media to promote your brand but you’re unsure of the best platforms? A team of marketing experts can help you over even the highest of hurdles.Umbrella Marketing Team have the know how to get your business over the fences and across the finish line. If you’d like any help with marketing your business, get in touch with our team.

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