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There is far more to marketing than selling or advertising. Put simply, marketing is about identifying and satisfying customer needs more than anything else. To us, marketing is based on thinking about the business not only in terms of customers’ needs but also their satisfaction.Seth Godin, one of the modern day marketing guru’s defined marketing as the “act of overcoming fear, telling stories, doing work that matters and engaging with a world that’s going through revolutionary change.” Marketing is the name we use to describe the promises a company makes, the story it tells, and the authentic way it delivers on that promise. So, it’s no longer about the stuff you make, but about the story you tell.In other words, marketing has less to do with getting customers to pay for your product as it does developing a demand for that product and fulfilling the customer's needs.From a societal point of view, marketing is the link between a society's material requirements and its economic patterns of response. Marketing satisfies these needs and wants through exchange processes and building long-term relationships. It blends creativity and applied science and makes use of information technology.There are many modern approaches to marketing, traditional 4 PS, customer targeted marketing or the process of transition to name a few.Here at Umbrella Group Marketing, we want to make things easy for our clients.So it’s not only about satisfying your needs but also about understanding your goals, listening to your aspiration and driving you forward. Importantly, we want to build a long lasting relationship with you. A relationship that is built on a mutual understanding, respect, trust and the drive to achieve goals.Truly great strategies have never been a matter of just accepting the status quo. Throughout history, the most memorable campaigns have been the ones that pushed the envelope. One of the examples could be Barnardo’s 2008 campaign which left many feeling very uncomfortable. It linked child abuse with drugs addiction. It received so many complaints as people felt completely out of their comfort zones. On the other hand it succeeded, because according to the charity itself: “The spontaneous awareness level have increased significantly amongst the public. The increase in recognition as a charity which helps children, and importantly, the likelihood to donate to Barnando’s.We don’t want to shock, but we can help you to think outside the box, plan and achieve. A successful marketing strategy will allow businesses to increase their profits and reach their strategic goals.And this is very much a core of what we do. Don’t be afraid to be creative. We will walk, run or hop the extra mile with you!

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