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Newsletter, bulletin, circular or company updates…they are all very effective tools in reaching valuable groups of customers. Customers who have already stated their initial interest in your company!It’s like having your foot in the door! The contact addresses you have collected are precious because people behind them have already heard of your company, know your company or are interested in your product and services.They agreed to be contacted either by filling in a form, ticking the box or registering on your website.The effective newsletter it’s not only the design, call to action or right content. We measure the volume there too! In the following text, we outline the steps on how to acquire subscribers to a newsletter.

  1. Optimise your database

As we mentioned in our previous blog “Getting Started with Email Marketing,” relevance is key! Mass marketing is not effective any more! Try to be personal and show your readers that you’re customising your message to them.This goes beyond addressing the email to the person’s first name. Go a step further and use any additional details you have about the recipient- demographic or behavioural data e.g. company name, location, their role at the company, items they previously purchased, be creative, e.g. sporting event links to the person.

  1. Don’t ask too many questions

Web users are generally keener to leave their details, the fewer questions you ask them! The email address is a pre-requisite item and the rest of the fields can be filled on the voluntary basis.

  1. Placement of the subscribe form

The usual place to find it is in the footer of your website. This spot, however is often omitted or simply in the blind spot of the web user.Our advice is to place the subscriber form somewhere more visible, e.g. in the top right corner of your website, so that it’s noticeable without having to scroll down!

  1. Incentives for registration

With marketing messages shouting at us from every corner, it’s good to stand out and be different with your call to action (CTA). Offer something of value to the web user, this will help you to convince them you are there for them and will show what a nice person/business are you.Another example could be promotion, discount codes or a prize draw. Why not to make the web user feel like they belong to the exclusive club and are taking advantage of unique offers designed specifically for the club members only!

  1. Let them go…

Each newsletter should provide the recipient with an option to opt out/unsubscribe. This not only fulfils our legal obligation but also proves professionalism and respect towards subscribers! Remember- clients like to feel free and to have deciding power.

  1. Example newsletter

In our experience, it’s easier to convince people to subscribe to newsletter if they know what its content is like. Show an example of the newsletter, its content, design and special offering etc. And give them the option to sign up for future ones.

  1. You only have a few seconds!

Create clear and strong Call to Action! The shorter, the better. Make it both informative and encouraging.

  1. Segmentation

You don’t want to ask too many questions but at the same time, you need to know enough about the subscriber so that you can tailor the message and offering to their needs. It’s a tricky balance to achieve!The more relevant your message, the higher success rate of conversion!

  1. Show them that you care!

With the 3G and 4G development we can access internet pretty much anywhere in the developed world! There are increasingly more search queries from mobile devices than from desktop computers.As marketers, we need to think how to turn this challenge into an opportunity.You could consider using QR codes that can be scanned, auto-fill registration forms or even mailto, which adds anyone who emails you to the subscribers list automatically. Make use of all technology around you.

  1. Umbrella Marketing TEAM

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