Are you ready for KICK-OFF? Don’t wait for the final whistle!

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Are you ready for KICK-OFF? Don’t wait for the final whistle!

The FIFA World Cup kicks off in Russia in just a couple of days!This is the biggest sporting event and will be watched by an estimated 3.2 billion football fans worldwide. Here at Umbrella, we are big football supporters too.We have analysed trends and media insights and therefore decided now is the best time to launch our World Cup campaign!Following suit of some of the bigger brand players, like Coca-Cola, Budweiser, Lidl, Qatar Airlines and MasterCard, we also want to take advantage of the World Cup and introduce our team and our key players. We believe that, just like in football, we could be your team, player substitute, or even your manager!

Sport is very much performance driven – and so are we!

There are many different reasons why companies choose to outsource. They could be one-man-bands with no marketing function or bigger companies that are lacking specific skill sets.

An expert player in your team

A football team needs a solid defence, skilled goalie, fast midfielders and resourceful forwards!Effective marketing requires a wide range of expertise too. An ideal marketer should be a strategist, analyst, product specialist, brand manager, social media expert, graphic designer…oh, and event organiser and SEO, PPC and PPI expert! The list goes on and on…In reality, hiring enough people to cover all bases is simply not feasible.This is where outsourcing scores the first goal! When outsourcing to Umbrella, you get access to a wide range of skills and expertise, including web development, graphic design, strategy, content and social to name a few!

Regular training and devotion

Regular training and practice is key to success not only in sport but in many other fields too.Without training or knowledge of new technologies and trends, you are likely to be left behind and sat on the back bench.Of course, the latest technology will provide you with wider opportunities and better results.We make use of cutting-edge technologies to benefit our clients. You don’t have to worry about hot web trends, Google algorithms, social media updates or hashtags to use – we have that covered!

Transfer fees

Transfer fees and footballers’ wages are sky high! It’s extremely hard to retain the talent as top players relocate constantly. On top of their salaries there are bonuses, be it sign-up bonuses or loyalty bonuses.Although marketers’ wages aren’t comparable to those of footballers, the cost-saving aspect when outsourcing is significant!Outsourcing saves money. A quick calculation is that an employee wage slip accounts for 70% of their actual cost. Outsourcing means you don’t have the overheads such as paying for NI contribution, pension or taxes and effectively can save up around 30% of the actual cost of an employee.

Free up your time

Football is very competitive, you need devotion and commitment to succeed! Inside-out knowledge of the industry is also essential.The SMEs market is very competitive too, and in many sectors, uber-competitive. You need to focus all your time and effort on your business, product or service. A common complaint is that there aren’t enough hours in a day and even if you wanted to drive your marketing operations, your time is probably best spent elsewhere.

We can be your team manager

By outsourcing your marketing, you save yourself from a few other headaches…be it career advancements, team motivation, office space, time management or training and upskilling staff. We can also work out your long-term strategy, set your business goals and work out the tactics to achieve the victory.

Outsourcing injects energy!

The game is on and there are only a few minutes to the final whistle…the team needs that final kick, injection of energy, fresh legs.Often, outsourced time can be as granulated as by the hour. This means that there is no time to be complacent or distracted by other tasks. Working in this way means that planning, preparation and task allocation is crucial. It also means that clients can see and oversee where time is spent and on what tasks.


Whether you want to outsource your marketing because you need a new strategy, fresh approach, or perhaps you need an extra player in your team, Umbrella Marketing is a win-win solution! The game is on – get in touch to see how we can work together!

The official Umbrella Marketing Team line-up this summer

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